Moth Crystals

Made of super purity Paradichlorobenzene

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Benefont Moth Crystals are made of high-graded PDCB which has 99.8% super purity. Benefont Moth Balls, Moth cake and Crystals are ideal to use for long-term or seasonal storage of your valuable clothing and other household items storage areas such as drawers, , chests and trunks, garments bags and storage closets.

  • Packing Specifications: 1 lb per piece
  • Active Ingredient: Paradichlorobenzene  99.8%
  • Perfect for Garment Bags

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Each 1 lb. can treats up to 50 cubic feet. Liberally sprinkle moth crystals on the bottom of storage space or container, between folds and layers of articles and an extra amount on top before closing container. See product label for additional information.