Moth Block

Packing with 2 x 3oz moth block

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Benefont Moth Block was developed for use in  hanging storage environments.  The versatile plastic case features a sturdy hook for hanging on closet rods and a slim profile that takes very little space in your closet or garment bag.

  • The diameter of the Moth Cake is 65 mm with our standard mould.
  • Active Ingredient: Paradichlorobenzene  99.5%
  • Hangs Easily in Closets or Garment Bags
  • Custom fragrances: such as Lavender,Cedar,Lemon.

Open plastic case. Unwrap each cake and while holding each cake by the cellophane wrapper, transfer back into the plastic case. Hang in closet.

Benefont Moth Block can treat up to 18 cubic feet of storage area.

Keep our of reach of children.

See product label for additional information.