80 g Moth Killer Plastic Hanger

80 g plastic hanger

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Benefont Moth Killer Hangers are perfect solution to protect clothing and other materials that are hanging in your closet. Provide the only sure method of killing destructive moth larvae and preventing damage.

  • The diameter of the Moth Cake is 80 mm with our standard mould.
  • Active Ingredient: Paradichlorobenzene  99.5%
  • Hangs Easily in Closets or Garment Bags
  • Custom fragrances: such as Lavender,Cedar,Lemon.
  • Economical refills  available

Open plastic holder,remove cake and unwrap cellophane or perforating on it, Replace cake in plastic holder and hang up in wardrobe, toilet ,store-room.

Economical refills item 1026 available .