Naphthalene Balls

Old Fashion Naphthalene Balls

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Benefont Naphthalene Balls provide the only sure method of killing destructive moths, moth eggs and larvae. Benefont Moth Balls, Moth cake and Crystals are ideal to use for long-term or seasonal storage of your valuable clothing and other household items storage areas such as drawers, , chests and trunks, garments bags and storage closets.

  • The diameter of the ball is 20 mm with our standard mould.
  • Various packing specifications are available : 50/60/80/100/120/150/200/225/300 g  or 4 oz/5 oz/10 oz/12 oz/14 oz per bag or per label box.
  • Active Ingredient: Refined Naphthalene  99.95%

We are probably the largest naphthalene balls manufacturer and exporter to USA market in the last several years.

Naphthalene moth balls must not be mixed or placed in contact with paradichlorobenzene moth balls or flakes,or other moth preventive products.

Apply at a rate of one ounce of moth balls per three cubic feet.

Keep our of reach of children. Do not place in areas accessible to children.

Please contact with us for more detail information.